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    Serving Pittwater since 1987

    0428 238 190

    If our mobile number is not answered immediately, please wait a couple of minutes before trying again as the driver may be berthing the vessel or assisting passengers.

    If there are any difficulties getting through on the voice system, do please send a text.

    Hours of Operation

    6:00am til late

    Closing times are variable subject to weather, local commuter traffic and seasonal demand.

    If you are needing to travel after 9:00pm, please call the taxi number after 3:00pm and speak with the actual driver who will working through the evening.

    Early contact is encouraged as last minute requests may not always be possible.


    We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we might help with your upcoming party.


    How does it work?

    We're primarily a demand service. When you've got everyone and everything on the end of the wharf and you're ready to go, give us a call.

    Bookings are only needed in late evening (after 9pm) when demand slows.

    What's our capacity?

    Up to six passengers with an airline-size, carry-on bag each.

    Depending on weight and volume, excess baggage and/or cargo can reduce the number of passengers the vessel can carry.

    Cash or Card?

    We have Tap&Go, credit card facilities on all our boats. EFTPOS, MasterCard & Visa accepted.


    Our business is people, not cargo. We will be very happy to recommend an appropriate punt or barge service if a client needs to move cargo.

    If the driver agrees to take excess baggage or cargo, cartage rates may apply and an estimate will be advised at time of loading.

    As a guide, single large and/or heavy items such as toolboxes, ladders and trolleys are $5 each and smaller items as $1 each.

      • Scotland Island
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        Scotland Island

        Scotland Island has five major commuter wharves: Bell, Carols, Eastern, Tennis and Cargo. The Island is entirely residential; there are no shops or public toilets.

        Note that the Community Vehicle (0404 103 700) can drive right down the edge of the Cargo Wharf which may be advantageous if you have heavy bags or passengers with mobility issues.

        Access to the major wharves is generally only affected by strong winds and sea state, however, there are segments of the Island where access to waterfront properties with private wharves can also be limited by tides.

      • The Bays
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        The Bays

        The Bays are on the western foreshores of Pittwater and back onto the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. Although part of the mainland, they are water access only.

        There are public wharves at South Elvina, North Elvina, Lovett Bay, Woody Point (Halls) and Morning Bay. Morning Bay was called Towlers Bay for many years and was recently changed back.

        Access to the Pittwater YHA is normally via Halls Wharf, then approximately a 10 minute walk up a very picturesque bush track. The YHA can also be reached from Morning Bay Wharf which is a shorter walk but a steeper track.

      • McCarrs Creek
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        McCarrs Creek

        The western foreshores of McCarr’s Creek back onto the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park and are water access only. There are no public wharves, only private ones.

        The properties are all waterfront and the original parcel of land was known as the Douglass Estate. There is also a small parcel known as the Calabash Estate.

      • Pittwater South
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        Pittwater South

        The various public wharves and marinas are a source of restaurants and social venues for those living offshore.

        Bayview: the Cafe on Pittwater and the Blue Pearl Thai Restaurant.

        Church Point: the Waterfront Cafe & Restaurant and the Quays Marina Cafe.

        Newport: the Royal Motor Yacht Club, the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club and The Newport pub.

        Clareville: the Clareville Kiosk.

        On a more utilitarian note, parking at Church Point can be problematic at holiday times and visitors may need to park further afield.

      • Pittwater North
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        Pittwater North

        The Palm Beach Ferry Wharf is the transport hub for northern Pittwater.

        If the local services at Palm Beach are not operating, we are very happy to accommodate.

        Common trips are from Palm Beach to Great Mackerel Beach, Currawong Beach, The Basin and Coasters Retreat.

      Find us

      Our office is floating about 100m north of the Church Point Ferry Wharf in Sydney's glorious Pittwater. We're back and forth from Church Point all the time so it's a great place to jump on but we'll pick up from anywhere we can safely get to. Give us call.


      Church Point Ferry Wharf
      1858 Pittwater Road
      (PO Box 249)
      Church Point  NSW  2105

      Choose a location
      Pink Water Taxis
      1858 Pittwater Road, Church Point, New South Wales, Australia


      Bad weather significantly affects transportation for the offshore communities. Storms can cause services to be suspended or shutdown entirely.

      More often, wind and sea state can make travel to certain destinations unsafe or the Master of the vessel may wait until weather passes over before continuing services.

      To avoid inconvenience, do please call us and check if you think conditions are deteriorating.

      Common Fares

      From Church Point for up to six 6 passengers

      Scotland Island $
      Bell Wharf 18
      Carols Wharf 21
      Cargo Wharf 23
      North West 27
      Tennis Wharf 29
      Eastern Wharf 29
      North East 37
      The Bays $
      Elvina Bay 23
      Lovett Bay North/South 31
      Lovett Bay West 36
      Halls Wharf 29
      Woody Point 36
      Morning Bay Wharf 40
      Morning Bay 44
      Towlers Beach Moorings 50
      McCarr’s Creek $
      Holmeport Marina 20
      Douglas Estate 29
      Browns Bay (to) 45
      Browns Bay (into) 55
      McCarr's Creek Reserve 80
      Pittwater South $
      Quays Marina 28
      Royal Motor Yacht Club 35
      Saltpan Cove 40
      RPAYC 'G' Arm 45
      Bayview Anchorage 55
      RPAYC Services Wharf 60
      Crystal Bay (Princes St) 65
      Newport Wharf 65
      Rowland Reserve 80
      Pittwater North $
      Taylor's Point 47
      Coasters, Bennetts 70
      Currawong Beach 80
      Palm Beach 80
      Mackerel Beach 90
      The Basin 100
      Other Rates $
      Charter Rate per hour 240
      Waiting time per min 4
      Cartage - large/heavy items 5ea
      Cartage - small items 1ea

      Fares include GST, are subject to change and based on demand

      Frequent Floater's Club

      Regular users may be invited to join the Frequent Floaters Club. Benefits include:

      * 10% discount Monday to Friday
      * free Medical Evacuation
      * no cartage for weekly shopping
      * most surcharges are waived

      Members may opt-in for updates on WhatsApp, Twitter & Telegram.

      Debit Card accounts are available for regular users:
      * casual (on-occurrence, no invoice), or
      * monthly (detailed invoice)

      Drivers' Roster & Event Calendar

      PHONE 0428 238 190

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