Pink Water Taxis

Serving Pittwater since 1987

0428 238 190

If our mobile is not answered, please wait five minutes before trying again as the driver may be berthing the vessel or assisting passengers.

Texts are a fallback in case of problems with the voice system. Note that during normal operations, texts may not be processed if the drivers are busy.



- How many people?

 Passengers. Up to six (6) passengers.

 Cartage. Carry-on bags and smaller items are $1 each. Items larger than an airline-size, cabin bag (~7kg), e.g. suitcases, eskies and toolboxes, are $5 each.

 Excess Baggage. Depending on weight and volume, excess baggage can reduce the number of passengers the vessel can carry. Requests for additional trips to move baggage in quantity will be declined; see Cargo below.

Multiple Hire

- Care to share

 SPLITS: Same pickup, same destination shares the fare!

 DOUBLES: Taxis may take multiple fares to different locations. Each party will be charged for their destination.

Cash or Card

- Our favourite part

 Cards. We have contactless payment facilities on all our boats; MasterCard, Visa and EFTPOS accepted.

 Cash. If you need to pay in cash, please bring exact fare; no change given.


- too much stuff?

 People, not Cargo. We will be very happy to recommend an appropriate punt or barge service if a client needs to move cargo. If the driver agrees to take cargo or excess baggage, charter rates will apply and an estimate will be advised at time of loading.

Boat Transfers

- to or from

 Rule 1. Daylight hours only; sunrise to sunset.

 Rule 2. Wind limit; gusting15 knots.

 Rule 3. Passengers cannot be intoxicated.

 Warning. We are not a tender service. Our boats are not fendered to protect other vessels. Masters engage us at their own risk.

Find us

Our office is floating about 160m north of the Church Point Ferry Wharf in Sydney's glorious Pittwater. We're back and forth from Church Point all the time so it's a great place to jump on but we'll pick up from anywhere we can safely get to. Give us call.


Church Point Ferry Wharf
1860 Pittwater Road
Church Point  NSW  2105

Map of Church Point

Common Fares

From Church Point

Scotland Island $
Bell Wharf 25
Carols Wharf 28
Cargo Wharf 30
North West. 35
Tennis Wharf. 37
Eastern Wharf 37
North East 45
The Bays $
Elvina Bay 30
Lovett Bay Nth/Sth 39
Lovett Bay West 45
Halls Wharf 37
Woody Point 45
Morning Bay 55
Towlers Beach Moorings 61
McCarr’s Creek $
Holmeport Marina 22
Douglass Estate 40
Browns Bay (up to) 50
Browns Bay (into) 60
McCarr's Creek Reserve 85
South & East $
Quays Marina 35
Bayview Anchorage 60
Taylor's Point 56
Royal Motor Yacht Club 45
Saltpan Cove 50
RPAYC 'G' Arm 55
RPAYC Services Wharf 65
Crystal Bay (Princes St) 75
Newport Wharf 75
Rowland Reserve 90
Out of Area $
Paradise Beach 85
Coasters, Bennetts 100
Currawong Beach 105
Careel Bay 105
Palm Beach 105
Mackerel Beach 110
The Basin 115
Barrenjoey Beach 130
Other Rates $
Waiting time (min) 4
Cartage - large 5ea
Cartage - small 1ea
Boat transfer +5
Public Holidays +25%
Charter (hour) 265

Fares include GST, are based on demand and subject to change.